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I this true.

I got this from hiv in site. Is the statement about no one ever getting hiv from receiving oral sex correct?


What is the incidence of contacting HIV via oral sex? More precisely, how often does a man get HIV from an infected sex worker via oral sex (********)?

There have not been any reported cases of this type of transmission by getting sucked. Therefore it remains a "theoretical" risk only. For transmission to occur this way, the sex worker would probably need blood in her mouth that would need to find an open cut or sore on your penis. The risk associated with oral sex is for the person whose mouth comes into contact with infected semen, pre-***, blood or other fluid from a sore on the penis. Therefore, getting sucked is a very low risk activity.

According to the San Francisco Deparment of Health Pamphlet Oral Sex: Using Your Head:

    There have been no studies measuring the risk of getting the AIDS virus through oral sex alone. Until better scientific information is available, the actual risk from oral sex is unknown. Meanwhile, available evidence suggests that:

HIV is not easy to get from any kind of oral sex.
Bleeding gums, gum disease, and sores in the mouth can make it easier to get infected with HIV through oral sex.

There have been recorded cases of getting HIV from sucking or giving head.

There have been no recorded cases of getting HIV from getting sucked.

There have no recorded cases of getting HIV from rimming or getting rimmed.
It is much easier to get HIV from sucking than from getting sucked.

It is much easier to get HIV from anal sex without a condom than from oral sex.
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You cannot transmit HIV from a handjob period...
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Teak further on that,

has there been research in to HANDJOBS not been able to pass on the virus or is that statement based on the fact that there is no recorded cases of it?

Also would oil or sorbolene cream affect the virus in anyway if someone was recieving a handjob

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There have been no studies measuring the risk of getting the AIDS virus through oral sex alone. Incorrect.. There have been studies some studies have lasted 10 years. No one person contracted HIV from protected vaginal and anal sex and no protection for oral sex.

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