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IM injection


Today I had an injection into my bum for B12, I have to have 3 more :(

I have a bit of a fear of needles. She prepared the needle, syringe and b12 in another room and then came into the room where I was lying down.

Normally I would watch and check to make sure needle and syringe are new but in this situation I couldn't.

I am making an assumption that even if the syringe and needle were not new the risk would be non existent as the injection was into a muscle and bit a vein.

Is my assumption right or am I wrong and while lower than IV risk an IM injection is actually still a risk.

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Why would a doctor would use an old needle? Please try to keep calm. Doctors are responsible.
Take care
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BeStrong I understand what you are saying but I would appreciate answer to my actual questions.

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Can you anybody tell me if an IM injection as is a risk.  

I really appreciate your help.

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No it is not, needles are not reused.
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and what if they were?  I am curious because I live in a developing country and sadly universal precautions cannot be guaranteed like they can in the Western world.
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"What if" the sun exploded tomorrow? Not going to play that game.
You had no risk.
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is this because you think nowhere re-uses needles or because even if they did an IM injection in not a risk.

Sorry, I am not trying to be difficult I am just trying to understand
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Because people don't reuse needles, they know risks involved using them.
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So an IM injection is a risk?
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You already know you have an unreasonable fear of HIV.

Factually, yes, an IM injection COULD be a risk, but not a significant one.  Even IF the doc had used a needle that was used on someone else, the odds would be in your favor.  

You need to address your anxiety.  

A health care worker is not going to reuse a needle, for a million reasons.  ONE, to protect themselves.  They're not going to have a bunch of used needles lying around.  Secondly, reusing a needle would make their job much more difficult.

This is an irrational fear.  There's just not much else we can tell you.
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