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Gentlemen of the health pannel my life is unbearable..i had intercourse with a woman of the streets in southafrica and am suffereing from various strange ailments, a fungus on the toung with bristles of white hair which is discoloured in the center by drinks, had swollen lymph nodes in my pelvic ares, night sweats, fever all at just under two weeks-also i have been having recouring jock itch which has been vey pain full on each ocasion.I know these are common symptoms of Aids infection buy i took a quick finger pric antibody test at 3 months in Zimbabwe and tested negative at 3 mont5hs dispite raging symptoms.I talked to a nurse in here middle ages and she told me that Aids is not as difficult to catch as people say..it might take longer for my body to respond in producing antibodied and personally knows somebody who took more than a year to develope antibodies.She also told me that the hairy stuff on my toungue is a sign typical of early infection and that it is prudent i abstain and test evey 6 months for even up to 3 years.

1)My first question is has this EVER happened?
2)Is it worth heeding her advice-we often here of the 3 month mark why do other people convert after much longer than this.
3) Are there people who carry this virus and not detect on antibody tests? called carriers.

I will be reaching the 6 month mark in 3 weeks does this warrant a test.
A)If the answere to these question is YES why for goodness sake are people given watered down information about HIV when all in not known about it-because where i live people mess arround test negetive after 3 months and take the next risk.

B) No condom manufacturer talks of condom breakage and the use of condoms at ones own risk(as my condom broke in my case)Why do these things not carry the same warnings as CIGARETTES and ALCHOHOL?

I know my life is nearly over-but what about the other non infected people?
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get a test at 6 month,which 100% will be negative and put this behind you
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Thanks for the information my tongue is white and hairy and not black-if i try to brush it off it leaves the surface redish with a rough surface.Some of it does not come off-but in about 3 days it would have grow back again.It is also quite uncomfortable.One dr i talked to just told me that a severe symptom can be manifest if one is infected by both HIV 1 and 2.And said HIV 2 has no established meds for it.I will hold on for my next test any way -thanks for your help.

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if you really think you should wait 6 months to do the test again and do not feel covered with the test in three months and 100% valid and correct
IF THERE MAY MAKE A test method to RNA and finally
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Move on.
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