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I had an unproted anal sex 10 weeks ago me being receptive.  Im so dumb for doing that. After 1 week of exposure I developed sinusitis and went to the doctor and said that I have pharyngitis that was caused by an infection in my ear. She said the skin inside the ear canal was peeled. Maybe because of me using a Qtip.  My hearing was blocked maybe because of the infection and/or because of congestion and/or because may eustachian tube was blocked and ear fluids cant be drained. She gave me some antibiotics (Roxxthin) 3x a day for 10 days.  After 10 days, my ear was still blocked.  My nose isnt congested during that period by the way. Then I got a high fever which was 38.6 celcius and with Diarrhea. No rash.  It lasted only for 2 days.  My temperature is getting low from time to time in the 2nd day. Then the congestion on my ear was cleared up.  Right now, I can feel my lymph node under my neck on the left and whenever i touched it, there's a slight pain. I dont have any swollen lymph node any part of my body after 2 weeks of exposure and as of now except in my neck. I will be getting an hiv test in 2 weeks.  I just want some insights about this.  Im getting paranoid.  Please help. Hoping for your answers.

Thank you so much!!  
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Symptoms are not used to diagnose HIV. Only an HIV test can tell you if you've been infected.  Since it's been 10 weeks then you can get a 4th generation duo test now for a conclusive result. Any other test requires 12 weeks to be conclusive.
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