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If boyfriend has good health reports is OK for unprotected sex?

my boyfriend hates wear condoms. how dangerous is it for me to have unprotected sex with him if he is healthy? i fear he will return to his ex GF if I keep refuse him unprotected sex. he complain every day about using. he say he only enters me.
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The best person to protect you is - yourself. No one else but you have to decide what is right or wrong in your best interest.

I read CurfewX's response to learn that you and your partner are drug users. Based on historical data, for most recreational drug users, especially in their youth; it is evident that promiscuity is a part of their lifestyle choice, that certainly puts you at a high risk for HIV and other STIs should you decide to have unprotected vaginal or anal sex.

Just my 2 cents, neither I am an expert at relationship advice nor this is a place for it but I am going to tell you something, you do nice things for people you love that in turn makes you and the other person better not bad things that bring you down.

It is absolutely ludicrous that he tell you to do the wrong things and most importantly it's not correct on your part to listen to him, respect your self and your body. Do the right thing.

We wish you good luck.
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based on what I have heard here and from friends I will not agree to unprotected sex as he wants. I am pretty confident he will return to his ex GF. so my plan is to shop around with two married girl friends help. both know a clean nigerian man that divorced a few months ago that they think would be a good match. they are not sure about his feelings on wearing a trojan since to intimate a question.
Whatever your plan is, this forum doesn't need to know. You have been already offered with HIV prevention information. Please keep your discussion specific to this forum rules.

Keep using condoms consistently and correctly for all episodes of vaginal and anal intercourse to stay away from HIV.
Mike thanks for your rather rude distasteful response on a counseling forum
It is not a counseling forum so you need to move on instead of junking it up complaining.
I am sorry that you felt I was rude. If you read my comments again, it was a reminder and not a negative expression. My comment was to simply remind you that there was no scope for discussing your personal plans here. This forum is specific to HIV prevention information only. You were deviating from the subject very often.

At this point, I am going to repeat my self again - this forum is limited to HIV prevention only, for relationship advice please post in the relevant forum. Good luck.

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If you both are in a monogamous relationship and you can rely that he or yourself wouldn't seek unprotected vaginal or anal sex outside this one, it is not going to be a worry for HIV. Although, not using condoms can put you at a risk for pregnancy.

"If" you feel he would dump you for denying him unprotected sex, then you are probably with the wrong guy. If he loves you, he has to take care of you, that's the thumb rule, I guess.

This is an HIV forum, you need to perhaps discuss about such relationship oriented queries at the relevant forum of this website.
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I know i have not had penetrative sex with anyone but him. I have no way of insuring his faithfulness. his ex GF is brag he will come back to her after him has fling with me as he has done before.
You don't have a boyfriend - you have an ABUSER.  I read your other post.  This is not a healthy relationship - not physically, and not psychologically.  If you continue to be in a relationship with him and do what he wants you to do, getting HIV from unprotected sex will likely be only one of very many concerns.  Don't have unprotected sex with him, and don't do drugs with him.  Leave while you still have some of your health and life left.
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