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I'm afraid I got HIV

Yesterday, I had sex with sex workers,Oral sex,My penis is bleeding,The other party has oral ulcers and bleeding gums,I would like to know if I have the risk, although most scientists believe that oral sex without risk
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You already know oral is not a risk for HIV -  your post mistakenly refers to it as 'most scientists' opinion, when really it is all scientists.
There is nothing to add to your information so time to get back to your happy life
but,My penis has haemorrhage, the other side also has gum haemorrhage
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I understand the concern because of blood/open wounds on both of you. However, in my/our searches we have not found a confirmed case and neither have the Drs who used to post here and are experts in their field.
Perhaps this link will help you.


If not, testing is always an option for you if Dr. Hooks answer doesn't bring you confidence about this matter.
Thank you for your reply,I am not very good at English,So take a little time to understand,Can I talk to you when I need you?(*^__^*)
uh,I would also like to ask if I go to the test,How long is the window period,Or according to the different reagents have different window period.(*^__^*)
If testing is the only thing to bring you peace, take a 4th generation test at 28 days post oral. The Drs who used to post here consider that test conclusive at 28 days. It is the view of this site that oral is no risk.
Take care.
chinaPeople HIV is inactivated in saliva so can't infect you from oral. Try to relax and consider iommi's first post that no one has got it this way. Lots of people over the ages would have cuts larger than what you have, and at the start of the encounter, so you are worrying about nothing.
I'm afraid I have an open wound,Because all the documents in China seem to be talking about normal oral sex,It may be that I was too anxious.Thank you very much for the two patience.(*^__^*)
No one here pays attention to Chinese documents since they can be incorrect due to state manipulation, so we won't be able to come to agreement on that issue.
I said you need a gaping deep wound to get HIV and the thrusting has to be deep into the wound - and yours obviously can't be deep gaping in a penis.
Frenulum of penis fracture ,It's not a deep wound?it's a lot of blood.~~~~(>_<)~~~~
Repeated comments about your condition gets repeated answers.

Instead of going in circles, 28 days from this experience get a 4th generation test done. I'm under the impression it is the only thing to help you move on.
uh,i know,I will be testing in 28 days.So I can get a message like this According to your answer, I have a HIV chance of equal to 0
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