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I'm scared I might have HIV.

Hi I am a 20 year old man that lives in South Korea. Like a month ago, I went to a hooker with couple of my friends for fun. While I was having a sexual intercourse with the hooker, I couldn't ejaculate so she asked me if I wanted to take the condom off. I asked her if she was clean and she said yes. So I took the condom off and put it in her Virgina for like one minute because I was scared. Then couple weeks later, I started to get some rash like things on my elbow and caught a cold. Do you think I have HIV? PS I have been trying to lose weight for 2 months now. IF this could of caused the problem..
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Just relax, and get tested at like 6-8 weeks. and again at 12 weeks.. you should relax, and never take the condom ff.. if you cant ejaculate through vaginal sex... then find another alternative.. maybe oralsex..or  handjob.. don't try and get what your not achieving, by risking your health!
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well what can the percentage be if i just put it in for a minute? or would that not even matter
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theoretically, the  period of exposure and frequency of exposure should lessen the risk- as people have mentioned both on this forum and the doctors forum , its not an easy disease to catch, male to female vaginal insertive being the least efficient- 1 in 2000 probablility(ONLY if your partner is infected )- but probably even less chance in South Korea - Along with Japan , appears to be the country in Asia with least prevalence - 0.1% of adult population.

So do get tested for this minimal risk, at 8 weeks you should have a conclusive result, meantime try not to get too stressed, its highly,highly probable you will be negative.
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8 weeks is never conclusive.
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it is conclusive  if youre the senior doctor on the doctor forum with over 20 years of research and treatment experience (who incidentally has never seen a 4 week negative turn positive, nor his colleagues)
Its 3 months if youre in the CDC camp.
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