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Im terrified

I had anal sex both ways, and im getting realy scared, we used protection but when i was bottoming at the very end i heard this sound. IDK what it was but i just assumed maybe dryness and sex was over. He had ejaculated in the condom and i saw it in the condom. I guess im really scared that a hole couldve gone unnoticed in the condom or idk, i thought i did everything right, i asked the guys status before he said he was clean, as soon as i got to his place he asked about condoms, i thought i did everything right and here i am back in the window period AGAIN, this isnt fair and to have to just wait im losing my **** all over again. Has anyone ever got infected this way despite condom use and the fact that the semen was in the condom and not inside me. Am i just being paranoid, that last guys post has freaked me out, i havent talked to the guy since but he never said the condom broke or anyrhing this is so unfair. Idk wat to do idk if im going to make it
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Any thoughts?!?
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Your situation is not the same as that other person's, so quit comparing yourself to his. You said the semen was still in the condom, which means it was intact and did not break. The way condoms are manufactured, they are designed to split wide open when they tear.  By design there isn't an opportunity for small holes to develop because they will not maintain their shape once broken. You would know for sure it was broken just by looking at it.

I'm sure you did not have any risk from what you've described. I'm sure what you heard was most likely a bodily noise which is extremely common from that part of any person's anatomy. If you feel it's necessary to get tested over what most likely was just an ill- timed fart, then go for it. But I personally don't think it's necessary.
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Your fear is due to anxiety, this started from the point where you decided to assume that your partner is HIV positive with out any specific reason.

Condoms are sufficient to protect against HIV transmission, if they would have failed, you would have known since their failures are absolutely evident.

You don't need to test, if you are unable to think logically, please see a therapist.

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