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Once inactive...Can dried HIV blood become active if wet? I got my car fixed from a backyard mechanic and....when I got my car home...I noticed it was blood on my dashboard...I immediately grabbed some gloves and bleach water and cleaned the entire inside of my car...It's snowing here so I couldn't wash the outside...As I finished up the inside cleaning of my car...I removed my gloves and closed my doors...I had to go back in my car and didn't think to use the gloves just in case it was blood on the outside door handles...Completely did not even register...Anyhow..I can't remember whether or not I washed my hands when I came back in the house and I have an oral fixation...I put my fingers in my mouth alot....and now I am worried that I may have touched some of the dried up blood...Is it possible for blood to become active after being inactive if is becomes wet or is transferred from an object or surface to my hands...trying not to freak out...but it's easier said than done! Thanks for any advice or comments!
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HIV cannot be reconstituted.
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Thanks! ;) ;)
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