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Indeterminate P24 result! - Very scared!


I am a 34 gay guy who had protected sex 3 AND 4 weeks ago (condom did not break as far as I know).

Last week, I developed flu like symptoms that lasted just over 1 week (nausea, fever, loss of appetite, diarreha for only one of the days, my lymph nodes were not overly swollen or sore and I did not get a really sore throat). I did however develop a rash.

I freaked out when I got the rash and got a HIV test. My ELISA came back negative but my P24 had a positive reation but was considered 'indeterminate'.

I have since had another series of blood tests and am waiting for the results. I am going insane with worry while I wait.

1- Can someone please tell me why I have shown a positive reaction in my P24 test even though I was protected (unless it broke of course)?

2 - If I was sick with another type of virus at the time, could this throw out or confuse the P24 test?

Extremely worried!


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You didn't have a risk of contracting HIV.
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Thank you for your response Teak. I understand that I did not put myself at risk. However my question is what would be some of the reasons I have returned a positive reaction to the p24 test? In my mind, the fact that I have a positive p24 tells me that the condom may have broken?!
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A P24 tests are not as specific and are easily cross contaminated.
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Ahh. That is comforting to know!

I have one more sleepless night to go before I get my second set of test results back!

I'll let you know how I get on!

Thank you very much for your help Teak
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Hi Teak,

I got my test results back today and unfortunately I'm HIV+ :(.

The doctor made me feel optimistic by saying that if I start the meds I will surpress the virus to undetectable levels indefinitely.

Thanks again for your help!
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gonna have to call BULLSH*T on this one.  you did NOT get hiv from having PROTECTED sex.  take your drama elsewhere ! ! !
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BS.. Move on.
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Mike if it is all true,what is your viral load,genotipeetc etc,who can give atripla without all that,sorry but story stinks.(IFbut if all that true i am so sorry and wish you all the best)But you now this forum is highanxiety and if you play game,REMEMBER SOMEONE FROM SKY LOOKING DOWN.
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And I've spoken to doctors at sex clinics, gps etc when going for meds for chest infections etc- oral sex doesn't cause HIV. Its such an intensely low low low risk.

My concern is that incorrect info here could cause anxiety in others. We need to just clarify.

Speak to your partner- find out his status. If he's not positive- then my point in proven- you got it elsewhere.
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