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Initial HIV infection symptoms

Assume 14 days from a potential exposure.  Would these symptoms be consistent with an initital HIV infection (ARS)?

1.  Sore throat lasting for 1.5 to 2 days which is immediately relieved upon coughing up greenish phlegm congestion;
2.  Nasal / Sinus congestion starting on day 2 and lasting to day 6;
3.  Mild fatigue for 4 to 5 days;
4.  Mild heat rash inside thigh (like I've had before many times) which appears on day 4 and last only a few hours;
5.  Subnormal to normal temperatures (ranging daily from 95.5 to normal) but never a fever;
6.  Cough for a few days mostly coughing up congestion but sometimes dry cough lasting for 3 to 5 days.

Anything in the above list absolutely indicate the illness causing these symptoms is NOT an initial infection of HIV?
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what was your possible exposure?
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The organism delays about 5 days starting to produce antibodies, and the acute phase starts not so early between 10 and 15 days and thus. It waits some weeks and it makes a test of 4ª generation to diminish its anxiety and repeats after 60 days again, its parents recommends 90 days.
Looks a doctor to evaluate its symptoms, therefore one has only tested can say if it has or infection and will not be the symptoms that will go to say this.
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Don't post in this forum.
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To answer your question, my encounter was mutual masturbation with a sex worker wherein I inserted most of my hand deeply into her vagina for several minutes and I had several cuts on my hand.   I am unaware of her HIV status.

But even if my exposure was low risk or no risk, are the symptoms I listed consistent with or not consistent with intital infection symptoms of HIV onset within 10 to 20 days after intitial exposure?

Your insight would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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You didn't have a low risk, you didn't have a risk at all. Again as you were told above your symptoms are not ARS symptoms. See your doctor for your cold.
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