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Initial HIV symptoms are so common - what is the pattern


I have few questions for which I could not find answers after reading web/ forum. I will appreciate if I can get answer for these.

1) The initial HIV symptoms are Fever, Headache, Sore Throat, lymph glands and rash. Out of these symptoms, Fever, headache and sore throats are so common, that how someone call diagnose that these are because of HIV infection and not due to common cold?

2) Is there any pattern in which these symptoms occur, what is the timeframe in which these symptoms first occur and how long these persists (Days, Week)? Do these symptoms repeat in specific pattern in initial 3 to 6 months?

3) Obviously 3 months produce conclusive results for most infections, does HIV detection before that reduced damage to immune system by starting early treatment? What are the tests which can provide conclusive results in shortest span and what is the average cost for these tests?

4) Also what is the probability of getting HIV infection through bodily fluids still lingering on condoms which touched exposed genitals for Male/ Female? These mistakes generally happen during rush of changing condoms.

5) Does foreskin on penis is susceptible for infection in case of non-circumcised men?

6) Also what is the probability of transferring HIV virus during touch/rubbing of genitals, through thin undergarments with or without presence of vaginal fluids?

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These topics have been discussed numerous times; therefore, I will only provide brief answers.

1) So-called 'HIV Symptoms' can be due to many other, far more common causes, such as community-acquired viral infections. The only way to diagnose them as ARS symptoms is through a positive HIV test.

2) Roughly 2-4 weeks after exposure, and last 1-2 weeks. They do not repeat

3) A conclusive result can only be obtained by an antibody test at least 3 months after exposure.

4) Zero

5) The underside of the foreskin is susceptible.

6) Zero.

If you have further questions then please SEARCH the forum- most of these topics are discussed DAILY.
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