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Injection scare

I catch a bad cold, my doctor let me to get transfusion. Before that, nurse did a inject test for testing me if I would be allergy to the penicillin drug of transfusion. I saw nurse take a plate of syringes with hypodermic injection needle from icebox. Unfortunately, I didn't see whether she wipe off the inject needle or not.
But I watch she push out some drops of liquor through needle before injecting.
Nurse told me that the syringe of testing liquor will be changed per day, the needle will be changed when the new injection test be acquired.
1. If I share the needle with the previous patient, the exposure is a risk ?
2. Could the HIV virus live in the ice box ?
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She would have disposed of the syringe in the sharps container.Don't worry about this.You never had a risk.HIV can't survive in hot or cold conditions outside the body,those stories you here about HIV being frozen & then melted & be infectious again is a load of bull.
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Thanks for your quick reply! I just worry the ice box and hollow needle make the living condition for HIV virus like in lab.
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Nothing like a lab
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According to the reply, If there is no blood in the syringe, it is not a risk , even with reused needle, is that right?
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Needle is not reused
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Sorry , I just mean if the needle is reused, because I did not check the needle issue, and the nurse was doing some thing at the same moment.
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Needles are not reused
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