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Inquiry about hiv survival out side body

Is that real hiv can survive hours in dry blood or liquid in room temperature and if wet weeks like in needles I read it at Wikipedia and aids map I lost my mind that is mean I put my self in risk when I travelled to thailand I haven't involve in sexual activities or needles sharing but using many things there stay in room I have some gum sores in my mouth due to damaged teeth and decay I ate everything in tails d you know high hiv positive people there I don't know should I test know please tell me the truth check this link hiv could survive weeks how it could be happens http://mobile.aidsmap.com/Survival-outside-the-body/page/1321278/
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Seek a therapist to help you with your anxiety issues. Clearly you are searching the net trying to find a way that you had a risk.

You did not have a risk.
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This information is incorrect and grossly misleading. HIV can only survive outside its host under controlled Lab conditions and syringes used in drugs, because the syringe isolates HIV from ambient air due to vacuum (plunger in a syringe is pulled back and vacuum is created).

HIV can not be contacted through common objects, NO WAY, NO HOW.HIV inactivates instantly as soon as it comes in contact with ambient oxygen
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I feel better may be I will consult mental care to put my fear and anxiety behind me but I want to make sure there is no risk from fresh hiv + blood on food or sandwich if I eat it immediately without my knowledge if blood inside the sandwich or outside on bread and even if I have some cuts sores in my month due to damaged & broken teeth and decay never no need to test because I thought I noticed blood last time also I usually eats at restaurants every days please advise me thank you a lot
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Ok what you think if I test now for hiv 1&2 combo the result considered conclusive as I told you all my fears from my broken teeths and food in restaurants might be contaminated with blood and I have some cuts also in my hand due to skin problem and not sure if I touch something infected with blood my symptoms scared me especially I have one lymph node swollen in my nick and stomach aches also diahhrra please tell me do I need to test no sex activities or needles sharing also using public toilets and sleeping a lot in hotels mastrubation for my self
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