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Is 6 weeks conclusive with 4th gen test?

If you look at my past posts, it'll say my possible exposure situation. Right now, I'm more than 8 weeks past the incident, but I took a 4th gen blood test at 6 weeks which came back negative (thank the lord) and an Oraquick test at 4 weeks which came back negative too. Is my 6-week blood test conclusive? I've heard 6 weeks is by some professionals/doctors with the 4th gen and I've also heard 3 months for other tests, so I'm confused by all of it.

The reason I ask is I've had this stuffy nose issue for going on a month and I'm not sick at all. I presume it's allergies as Zyrtec does get rid of it, but my hypochondriac mindset scares me into thinking it's more. Also, since this past saturday, my armpit has had this irritated/burning feeling, but no swollen lymph nodes or pain when I actually feel around it. Feels more on the skin. Sorry if this sounds crazy, but I overreact a lot.

.Any insight would be very helpful!
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Your 6-week 4th generation test is conclusive.  You do not have HIV.  

The 3-month time period is still recommended for any test that is NOT a 4th generation test, including the Oraquick you took, but that's irrelevant given your 6-week conclusive 4th generation.

Whatever is going on with your nodes and stuffy nose has nothing to do with HIV.
In response to your inbox, just follow Curfew advice.
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