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Is It Hiv?

Ok i been putting symptoms together and what i have come up with is scaring me to death so i had sex with my girlfriend for her first time 3 months ago about 3 weeks ago she had very bad swollen glands and a week after that i notcied white like blisters on each side of her inner legs by her vagina like were her legs rub together. and now she sent me a big of this bup on her leg it looks white in the middle and like a red ring on the outside its about the size of my finger tip she says it hurts and that theirs two of them im thinking hiv rash... does this sound like it at all it does to me from what i have look up please help im about to vomit im so scared
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What exposure did you have?
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no expouser i just need to know if that sounds like an hiv rash
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No.ARS symptoms are very high fevers,very sore throats,and rash on the trunk--torso and limbs.They appear 2 to 4 weeks after exposure and last 1 to 2 weeks.They don't come and go.
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Okay about 3 weeks prior to today she did have fever sore throat ect but about 2 weeks to 3 weeks after all those symptoms she got 4 of theese bumps on her legs is it possible that those symptoms came then after those the rash appeared is  that possible?
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NO.And if there was no exposure then how could it be ARS.
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Ok and if it would how long would the rash last... and if it was the rash would it only be like 23 or three bumps or would it be everywere
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1 to 2 weeks.Not bumps,more like spots,on the trunk--torso and the limbs.
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