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Is Oraquick and urine test accurate even after 9 months of possible exposure?

Is Oraquick and urine test accurate even after 9 months of possible exposure? I have done both test and both were negative, are these reliable tests? I had a blood test for HIV done today as I had found out I had chlamydia and they recommend me to do so, I'm just really scared and anxious, it can take up to 3 days for the results and that's insane considering I have an anxiety disorder, I'm sacred that they weren't able to detect the HIV because of the chlamydia or something of that sort. I'm also scared that it's been months since possible exposure and these test aren't very accurate because of it, would that be the case? Thank you for your replies, can really use the help.
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Urine test is only for the chlamydia and gonorrhea. Oraquick is accurate at 84 days.
So Oraquick would still be accurate at 9 months after possible exposure? Or is it too late and requires a blood test?
No it is accurate after 84 days.
Several people who are living with HIV have reported on here and other HIV forums that once a person is infected with HIV, they will continue to test positive,r regardless of timeframe. It's like when someone has mono, they will always test positive for mono.

Therefore it's not too late to get tested and that should definitely not be a reason for someone to avoid getting tested, assuming they actually had an exposure.
I'm just a bit sceptical about Oraquick, it's been 9 months since my possible exposure, last night I took the test and followed the steps correctly and the result was a solid line on the negative side and not one bit of trace on the positive side, I know thats a solid negative because of the instruction manual, I just couldn't wait a week for my blood results, I was panicking!! should I be pretty confident with the Oraquick test that I'm Hiv-? Also if i had a bit of a dry mouth, would that have made any difference, I'm thinking about picking up another Oraquick test tonight and re-do it just to help me get through the week.
Yes the 9 months changes nothing...
After 84 days, Oraquick is accurate. If you do not trust this test, then I would invite you to do a rapid blood test and this will confirm your negative result. I personally wouldn't do it...
There is no purpose testing again. If these tests didn't always work no one would sell them, because of lawsuits .

You don't test twice for any other diseases so your anxiety is getting the better of your judgement.
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