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Is Stuffy/Runny nose a symptom?

It has officially been 13 weeks since my possible exposure. I had a brief broken condom incident with an escort. She tested negative, but I'm a hypochondriac. I tested negative via 4th gen on the 6th week. Had a month long stuffy nose starting on the 4th week and ending the 9th week. The last couple of days, I've noticed I've been waking up stuffed up and having a bit of nasal drip in the back of my throat where I have to hack some mucus out of my throat from time to time.

Even though I tested negative at the 6-week mark, I still fear possibly being infected. Is a runny/stuffy nose or nasal drip a symptom of possible ARS symptoms? I don't have the funds to get a 13-week test done to put my mind at rest at the moment.
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you said yourself that you tested negative, and that test was conclusive. Nothing else you add matters. people get stuffy noses all the time, but it doesn't mean you have HIV.
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