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Is a 4th gen elisa hiv test 5 weeks(4 weeks of using pep) after exposure conclusive?

I had unprotected virginal sex on 4th June 2020, Did 4th Gen Elisa test at 17days and 28days both neg, I had sex with the woman again 7weeks after the first exposure this time I use condom but too drunk to know if it break or not,We did hiv test with test kit and her result came out to be HIV+ mine is neg. I went for another 4th gen elisa test at 7weeks after first exposure it came back Neg again. I started using Pep 60hours after second sex we had because I am not sure if condom break, So my question is this, Will my next test result be conclusive for both exposure, the first exposure will be 12weeks and the second will be 5weeks(including 4 weeks of using pep also not sure if condom broken or not)I will be going for 4th gen elisa test again by the way. Please I need someone to respond.
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Hello everyone,I am sorry to bother you again but my life has never been the same since I exposed myself to HIV, I did another 4th Gen Elisa test 3months 3 weeks after pep and its negative other std also negative but oral herpes is positive,I did another 4th Gen hiv test 5 months after pep it’s also negative. I also bought antibody test kit at 24 weeks after pep which is also negative. But the issue is I am experiencing extreme pin needle on my foot,burning red rashes on my upper back and chest which won’t go away. Also when I did full std profile test they don’t look for hep A and C they only test me for hep B which is negative and now I read co infection of Hep C can delay HiV detection. I really want to move on but the systems still persist please I need to know your opinion on HCV delaying HIV detection
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The guideline is only for acute HCV infection, in which case you would be ill with HCV.

You have tested far longer than it is reasonable to test, regardless of the circumstances.  None of the symptoms you mentioned would have anything to do with HIV infection, and again, you are conclusively negative for HIV.  It is past time to move on from this event.
Thank you CurfewX God bless you
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Your first test is conclusive for the unprotected event.  

The test for the second event was unnecessary as a condom break is impossible to miss.  However, if one wishes to test after taking PEP, they need to wait at least 4 weeks following the last dose in order to ensure accuracy.
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Thank you so much for your quick response CurfewX, I will have to wait 4 weeks after I finish my PEP before I get tested again then but do you think 4th gen elisa test will still be the best to use then and will the test 4 weeks after PEP be conclusive and I wouldn't have to do further test? by the way I have show all symptoms of HIV I read online.
Symptoms are meaningless.  Almost every person who shows up here, regardless of risk, is convinced they have "all symptoms" of HIV.  You wouldn't get symptoms of HIV that soon after infection even if you DID have HIV, which you almost certainly do not.  You didn't likely even have a risk to begin with, and you took PEP.

A 4th generation test 4 weeks following your last dose of PEP will be conclusive.  There is no reason to test beyond that.
Thank you once again CurfewX but I have to point it out that I have a risk because the woman is Hiv positive but I only realize that after the two sexual acts, The first one was unprotected but I am happy that I am out of the wood regarding the first exposure but I am worried about the second sexual act because i was too drunk to remember anything, I am sure I used condom but couldn't tell if it break or not because before I wake up she already clean up the room. Anyway I took precaution by using PEP this time and I will test again 4 weeks after my last pill, Thanks for your response.
I'm guessing she was a sex worker when you mentioned she cleaned up the room. If a condom breaks it is a large rip down the seam and it hangs in tatters so is difficult to take off - that didn't happen or you both know it. Sex workers use condoms only to protect themselves (not you, although that is a side benefit for you.) She wouldn't waste money on condoms if she was positive so the PEP is a waste of time for several reasons. Relax, throw away the PEP and stop checking your body for hiv because docs can't diagnose hiv from symptoms so you shouldn't try either.
Actually she was someone I knew through a friend and like I mention on my post she is hiv positive which I don't know initially, I was drunk I don't remember much about the night and I find it hard to trust her after she tested positive even though she told me the condom didn't break.
Hello CurfewX, I want to tell you that I tested again with 4th gen ELISA at 4 weeks after I took my last PEP pill and it came back negative. I am still experiencing fever on a daily basis and also I have tiny lymph on my jaw and around my ear. So to be honest I am still worried. Here is my questions is it possible that my test is false negative?I know you said 4 weeks is conclusive but I am planning to test again with 4th gen ELISA when it get to 3 months,will that be more than enough?Thanks in advance.
The woman told you the condom did not break. Your imagination has told you it might have broken. Reread my advice on July 29 and you will see your imagination is wrong.
You don't know what your lymph is supposed to feel like, but now you are so anxious that you are just making up a diagnosis to suit your fear.
Buy a thermometer so you can record your temperature instead of living with your guess feeling that you have a fever, (If the thermometer says you do not have a fever temperature you will know that fever was in your imagination) instead of guessing you have a fever. If it actually is a fever for more than 2 months as you claim, see your doc.
Beyond all that proof that your test was a waste of time, you did a conclusive test 4 weeks after the PEP and still don't believe the result - your imagination has told you that you have hiv so now you are making up a 3 month test guideline which makes zero sense since you are not an hiv researcher.
Thank you for your response AnxiousNoMore I know I'm probably been paranoid but I haven't  sick like this for so long and the fact that the lady is hiv positive is making things difficult for me,And I had unprotected sex with her on first exposure,my back has been burning for as long as  I could remember,pimple like rash on my forehead,headache/fever almost everyday but each of the thermometer test that I did over the months is mostly normal. I really want to move on that is why I posted after my 4weeks test after pep turn negative.Just want some more assurance that it is conclusive.Thanks.
  Your first test, as stated was conclusive.  If you tested as you indicate 4 weeks after you finished pep, that is also conclusive.  You don't have HIV and perhaps anxiety is adding to your feeling poorly.  As stated, HIV is not diagnosed through symptoms but tests which you've tested negative.
Thanks so much GuitarRox,Even though it's hard I will try to overlook all the symptoms and move on.
Since the thermometer did not detect a fever, it is time to stop saying you have a fever.  See your doc because if it is sinus headache there is sinus treatment and if something different he might want to take a look.
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