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Is a negative result in a 4th gen ag/ab test at 16 days a good result?

I had sex with a guy on may 7th we wore a condom for most of the sex but for some reason I’m unsure if he had one on when he ejaculated. I didn’t see any ejaculation afterward in or around my genital area so I assume he didn’t. On may 23rd I got tested at a clinic using a 4th gen ag/ab rapid test and it came out negative. Should I feel good about this result or is it still too early? I haven’t felt any sickness or had any symptoms of seroconversion. Please help
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You have to wait 4 weeks for a 4 gen so your test was useless. Any other test is conclusive after 3 months.
But I read the manufacturer of the test which was alere determine combo test , and they say that by 16 days the p24 is present and detectable and that was when I took it.
Follow the advice from AnxiousNoMore. No 4th generation Duo test is conclusive before 28 days. Remaining all other simple antibody tests are conclusive only after 3 months of the exposure.

Your 16 days Duo test may be a good indicator and reassuring, but not conclusive
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