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Is feces dead outside the body?

Hi I have general questions for self knowledge

I wanted to ask is feces also dead for hiv outside the body even if air isn’t penetrating inside the feces

2) to be clear once feces is outside the body it will still be dead for hiv if blood is mixed in feces or not

When we say virus is dead it means hiv cannot us anymore  ?

I don’t have exposure this just confusing me thanks
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1. Only non-sexual risk is sharing hollow needles that you use to inject with.
2. Only non-sexual risk is sharing hollow needles that you use to inject with.
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"Hi I have general questions for self knowledge"
You didn't even have a risk, yet you persist in arguing with the answers given.
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HIV is not spread through feces, even if the feces has HIV+ blood in it.  You CANNOT get HIV from feces.  Also, just as a general rule  - don't touch other people's feces.  
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Only non-sexual risk is sharing hollow needles that you use to inject with. You didn't use a hollow needle to inject feces or share it so the answer is to move on because it is no risk for hiv. hiv isn't a robust virus like Covid.
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2)Hi thanks actually for e.g if one stepped on needle if feces was in needle still hiv wil be dead in feces  on air exposure  even if air isn’t going inside feces

2) so I just want to know just like blood is dead outside Body is dead
Feces will also be dead for hiv immediately once leaving the body even if air doesn’t penetrate inside feces

Thanks plz answer this will clear al doubts
These are irrational concerns that this forum isn't going to entertain.  No one is using a needle and syringe to draw feces out of another person.

Again, HIV is not spread by feces.  No bodily fluids or excretions are infectious outside of the body.  
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