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Is gillette a risk of aids

Using gillette of Hiv positive person is risk of hiv?????
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No the virus is fragile ,killed by air
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Unfortunately, I doubt that further replies will help you very much. As you likely know from personal experience, OCD is generally not amenable to statements of fact and probabilities. You clearly know that HIV is not transmitted by the sort of exposures you describe, yet you keep posting here asking irrelevant questions. The only thing that will help someone like you who clearly suffers from a severely irrational HIV phobia and OCD is counseling. Instead of wasting your time posting all of these nonsense questions here, you should be googling for a counselor near you with whom to discuss these irrational fears. This forum is not the place for your kind of problem.
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These are what we call non risk concerns or irrational concerns.  They are normally anxiety driven and have nothing to do with HIV facts.  It has probably been shared with you how someone gets HIV.  Adults get HIV from unprotected vaginal or anal sex where penetration occurred or sharing of IV drug needles.  Transmission only takes place inside the host or body.  Air inactivates the virus. You can not get HIV from a surface or a razor.  Since some countries are sorely lacking in education, we give you this information for you to internalize.  If this factual information about what is a risk (and anything else is not a risk) does not appease your worry, then it is time to address this as a mental health issue of anxiety. Health anxiety is something that happens. This is when you project worry onto things that you are told are not real health threats and begin to see a catastrophe to your health.  If this is the case for you, I would look into getting some help for that.  Sharing a razor is not going to transmit the virus because air inactivates it. NO RISK.
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Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated
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