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Is it HIV?

6 weeks back I received anal sex with a condom but after having sex, I gave oral sex to the guy without condom 10 minutes after removing the condom.

2 weeks after that my tongue got white and had 2 pus spots on my tonsils. Neck pain and dizziness.
2 mouth ulcers in the third week. The 2 spots and ulcers went off in the 3rd week. Now I am having on-off neck pains and little white tongue, no ulcers and little muscle pains.

Could this be HIV?
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As an adult, the only risks for HIV are:
1) having unprotected, penetrative vaginal or anal sex, or
2) sharing IV drug needles with other IV drug users.

You had no risk and do not need to test.  Whatever your symptoms are, they are NOT due to HIV as you had no risk.  There is no information that you could add to this scenario that would turn it into a risk, so you can confidently move on knowing that you did not get HIV from this event.
Thanks for the reply Mam. My white tongue is peristent and now i seem to have developed thrush I guess because even after taking antibiotics the white tongue is till there... also I have been diagnosed for Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D deficiency and feeling weekness. I'll be going for the test next week. Let's see.
Your doctor should be the go to person instead of you trying to work up your personal theory.
You have no medical training so are wasting your time trying to make up your own HIV science over a sore neck. Many people get them but don't have HIV, and yours is just self diagnosed, so could be psychosomatic.
AnxiousNoMore--- I have shown to the doctor but she has asked me to go for the test. She says that my tongue is not having thrush but wherever I see on the net the pictures seem it is thrush...and its been 2 weeks I am also having cough. I know till the test results come I'll be tensed. Let's see. Thanks for the response.
You can't have HIV, so she is wasting your time. Perhaps you should get a second doctor's opinion on your tongue. .
I had a lump on top of my tongue near the middle and the doctor did a biopsy. Later, some dentists told me there isn't enough blood flow there for cancer so the first doctor wasted my time. The lab biopsy result said no cancer and they suspected an infection had been present, but anyway it all just disappeared after a while.

Dentists see oral issues all the time, so perhaps that would be another resource, or at least they might tell you where to go for another opinion.
A lambskin condom wouldn't protect so did you use on of those?
No, I used a genuine good one not lambskin condom.
Thing is I gave oral to the guy without the condom and after he already came inside the condom, we removed it...there was still some semen on his penis when I gave him the Oral.

2 rashes have also come up on my hand today... thats 6 weeks after the exposure...

and my continued Thrush even after getting medication for bacterial infection is worrysome.

I don't see if a dentist can help me in this. I think ENT will be better but I have already been to an ENT and that hasn't helped.
HIV isn't transmitted by oral sex - see my first statement regarding the ONLY two ways you can get HIV.

Also, thrush can be CAUSED by antibiotics, and is never cured by antibiotics. Google "thrush and antibiotics" and you will find some helpful tips to get rid of thrush, some of which can be done at home and at low cost.
I presume ENT is the she doctor.

You said the ENT told you it wasn't thrush so likely she is right although no one can tell if she if a good doctor. What did she say it was, and which doc told you to waste your time taking the HIV test?
The she doctor is the HIV specialist... and the ENT doctor's medicine wasn't enough for thrush.

I'll let you know about the test results though.
Hi All,
I got a HIV Chemiluminescence duo(both Antigen and Antibody) test done yesterday after 6 weeks of possible exposure and it has come back as negative. It's a bit of a relief but I want to know accurate is this?
My white tongue still persists after 4 weeks.
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