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Is it a condom failure? - saw white fluid on her vagina...

I have sexual intercourse with escort about 3 times a day  and during sex I have to wipe off my penis 2-3 times with new paper towel everytime and it will be wet. I saw a white liquid on her vagina and also a drop fell into her belly when i put my pennis on her stomach. I checked the condom from water. but there was no leakage. Is it the fault of condom. Sould i go for PEP?. please help
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If the sex was protected and the condom didn't break you are not in any risk. You would have noticed if the condom broke because it's quite easy to see. Basically the burst like a balloon.
i have tested by filling the condom with water. and I haven't seen any leak , on the other side I saw white fluid on her vagina...... so I am confused., its been like 48 hours, can I go for prep?
You do not need to go for PEP.  You had no risk.  A condom failure is obvious, like DragonPulse stated.  You don't need to fill it with water - the idea of microscopic holes causing infection is a complete myth.

Whatever fluid was on her was likely hers.  In any case, it doesn't matter because you had protected intercourse and ZERO risk for HIV.
As I said before, if the condom was not broken, there was not contact between that fluid and your glans, you there cannot be any infection.
Actually, I have just repeated what I said before, and I don't see myself able to do it again.

The condom didn't break, so there was no risk.

All the best.
just the fluid was her lubricant? i meant it was not my cum right?
I hope the liquid belongs to her... cz if its not then it must be  mine... and i will be into hiv family. I know guys might be i am over reacting, this is due to stress. I really appreciates your answers and your great help!
If you had ejaculated you'd have noticed it, don't you think so ? I have already stated that you didn't have any risk.
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