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Is it possible?

I had protected sex with a man (im a female) and the condom slipped I dont remember his penis touching me raw but I could be wrong because he ended up giving me chlamydia. I performed Oral on him and he came in my mouth. I got a hiv finger prick test at 30 days and it was negative. The lady told me it can take up to 45 days to show up so im very anxious because I have a sore throat and runny nose :( can I have hiv?
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He was also touching his penis and fingering me
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Well you caught Chlamydia off him so theoretically he could have gave you HIV.
That been said, HIV is rare (undetected) so it would be very unlikely your partner has HIV. Are you still in touch with him? If so ask him to get a HIV test his would 100% be conclusive if he agrees and then you know you can’t have got HIV.
On to your tests at 30 days as you have been told it’s not conclusive. Sorry i can’t lie. But that dosnt mean it’s not reassuring. It sounds like a 4th gen test and they can become positive as early 4 week and if your cold symptoms are related I’d expect it to have been positive.
Try to relax the odds of a one off exposure leading to HIV is low.
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This was not an exposure that would result in getting HIV.  HIV is only transmitted by unprotected vaginal sex or anal sex WITH penetration or sharing IV drug needles. Transmission has to take place within the host.  Fingering is never a risk as air inactivates the virus.  This exposure is NO risk for HIV
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Im worried because he gave me vaginal chlamydia and we had protected sex. Could this be because he was fingering me and touched his penis??? How does this not apply to hiv if it does to chlamydia
They are different viruses and this is an hiv forum. You had no hiv risk.
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