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Is it true that my 6weeks test result is conclusive as negative.

Hello,  I went to my doctor after my results has showed that am negative in 6weeks after possibly exposure to HIV. My reason of going to my gp is due to all the syptoms am still getting which are headache, body pains, stomach pain, tiredness, soken eyes. After discussing with my gp she said they recommend people to go for other test at 3months at the end she told me to go for full screening in the hospital which I went and they told me to carry out some other test because I told her that i did put my mouth in the lady vaginal so she said I need to do some test, waiting for my result now and she said I dont need to do HIV test anymore that my 6weeks test is conclusive. I have done 9 different test including th HIV test all ok.
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You already asked this question: https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/Scared-of-been-infected-with-HIV-/show/3047292#post_14441738
The answer will not change no matter how many times you ask, and no matter how many "symptoms" you have.  You do not have HIV.
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