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Is my test conclusive despite symptoms?

Hi guys on July 13th, and August 10th of 2018 I had an unprotected anal sex with the same man of unknown HIV status. I suddenly got a strange feeling so then we he had protected sex on september 13th 2018 , and then again on October 12th 2018. I went in and got test on November 7th 2018 using a 4th gen ag/ab alere combo test and it was negative. I've tried covering 3, 6, 9, and, 10 month window. After six months I had a venipuncture blood draw and I also tested negative using genesis 4th gen test. I did a HIV RNA/PCR at 4 months post exposure and it was non detected with a lower limit of detection of 30 hiv rna copies per ml. My last test which is 10 months post exposure was 9/26/19 with an alere combo ag/ab at planned parenthood and it was also negative, however I am experiencing continuous symptoms. In late February 2019 I got a cold and following that I got a sinus infection a week later, and in the span of 6 months I've gotten 3 sinus infections in total. I've never gotten a sinus infection and I'm just wondering if my first cold was serconversion? The second sinus infection I had gave me a fever of 100.5. Although I've tested negative up to 10 months I feel like I cannot trust my test results. Since the first sinus infection I've been having issues with my sinuses where I get horrible eye pains. I also get random headaches. My question is can I trust my negative test results at 10 months? Are my negative results 10 months post exposure conclusive? It's hard for me to get over it, and thank you to everyone on Medhelp this is my first time posting and you're all so caring.
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Its conclusive. You dont have hiv. For The symptom part, you should see a doctor for that. I can assure you that the symptoms arent because of hiv.
i appreciate the response thank you very much
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If I read correctly, you've had several negative tests.  Tests don't lie.  Anxiety does.  You should trust your tests.  Sounds like boosting your immune system would be a good idea but it has nothing to do with HIV.  
thank you so much for the response
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Your extensive testing history and detailing towards symptoms only speaks about how anxious you must have been through this, the fact is, you don't have HIV and as it seems that you are having a difficult time accepting it.

This problem is brought on to yourself by your anxious mind, I am sure you must have read about everything available on the internet to know about this virus, the worst part is, you are possibly imagining most of it on your self.

This forum has seen a lot of people in the same situation and from that point of view, we can only suggest you to see a therapist to address the real concern, which could be guilt or simply fear of this disease.

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