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Is the Berlin pattient the first to be at least functionally cured by HIV/AIDS?

After the bone marrow transplant come from a donor with very special cells CCR5 Delta 32 mutated, without any usual drug that treats HIV,there are no signs after 3 years of any HIV in all his body.
No HIV is found anyway,neither in the so called "reservoirs".
No also provirus of HIV has been found anywhere.

Many HIV researchers agree the patient has been at least functionally cured from HIV and that very soon, even at ELISA test he will come up negative!

It's curious that an obscure German doctor,not even expert on HIV,has thought the most logic,simple and linear to "cure" HIV when the great majority of HIV specialists have never thought: simply swipe up with chemio and radiotherapy all the bad and old infected infected cells and substitute entirely with a new immuno system from a donor naturally resistant to HIV infection.

It was so difficult to think a so simple operation and to cure quickly sick people with HIV/AIDS?

My congratulations to MD Gero Huetter, the German doctor that has been the first man in the planet to have at least functionally cured an HIV patient!
Cheers to you Gero!
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This is not proof of anything. And a simple operation...you go through bone marrow transplant and tell me how simple it really is.
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100% agree with Vance.

Technically, the patient DOES have zero evidence of viral infection with continuing tests. So it does seem he has been "cured" although this probably is not the correct term for it.

Additionally, the "obscure German doctor" you are referring to didn't set out on this operation with the objective being to cure the patient from HIV. The patient was undergoing a bone marrow transplant to treat his leukemia. He also happened to be HIV positive and so the doctor decided to try something out with his transplant procedure.

"SImply swipe up with chemo and radiotherapy all the bad and old infected cells and substitute entirely with a new immune system from a donor naturally resistant to HIV infection. It was difficult to think a so simple operation and to cure quickly sick people with HIV/AIDS?"

You clearly show a lack of education regarding bone marrow transplant procedures. These are NOT simple operations. They are very complicated and extremely painful for both the donor and the patient receiving the transplant. The prognosis can be very poor depending on the patient's health, age, and various other factors. Another factor is the extenuating cost of so "simple" a procedure.

Furthermore, the donor must be CCR5 delta-32 homozygous. Only about 1 in 500 Europeans have this, and it is rarer still in other nationalities.

Don't you think that if this procedure was so simple and cheap and quick that EVERY patient with HIV/AIDS would be lining up for it? FDA has to approve the procedure for the purpose of "curing" HIV and this can take MANY years to go through the approval process. Additionally, MANY HIV experts agree that this is a very rare and unusual case. Just because it worked on this man does not in any way guarantee the same results in other HIV/AIDS patients. Every person is different.

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I'm not telling you the operation ( BMT ) was simple because it's very painful and at very high risk of mortality ( 30% of the patients die ), but at least it was a very,very logic and linear reasoning: clean up the old bad immuno system,replace it with a new and naturally resistant to HIV infection,and the game is done.
It's surprising no other HIV specialists have thought to use a similar method,at least in desperate cases.

Still it remains the fact the patient is now well alive,in good health, with any signs of HIV in his body and very soon even at ELISA test it will be negative.
Plus,he will now be naturally resistant to the most ( not all ) strain of HIV infection.

What do you want more than this?
The moon?


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All I am saying is that such a high-risk, high-cost, complicated procedure that is not guaranteed to work on all HIV+ individuals and will not readily be available to all HIV patients who need it (because of lack of donors with the correct gene mutation) is really not the cure for HIV we are looking for. This is just one man out of literally MILLIONS who are HIV+. Again, this is an extremely unusual case.
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Yes I want the moon.
1 person does not make a cure. Lets see a clinical study on 1000's of people before we start labeling something a cure.
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Ok guys, but if you see the effect of what this functionally cured patient has created in the researchers it's amazing: now all the HIV specialists are focusing on those damned CCR5 mutated receptors that being mutated block HIV to infect the cells.
Paula Cannon, an HIV specialist at Sangamo Bioscience, for example if you give a look on Google is very galvanized from the Berlin patient and she's studying a method ( zinc finger method ) to cut through genetic engineering the own normal CCR5 receptors to create CCR5 mutated receptors without any transplant or donor.
She has already started with mouses and for now it works.

There's light at the end of the tunnel!
Stay tuned.
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