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Is there a risk?

You fear your good friends, how do you say, in your opinion, I am a low fear, but I can't get rid of, some time ago had heard the hotel can spread AIDS, I worry about, coincides with the travel, I was in the hotel to sleep, thinking to view their own piece of have no blood, just to see a the blood on his hands, and began a new round of fear of AIDS Road (after junior high school to see AIDS three words in the textbook was afraid, and the courage to use false names to measure a Yin, because I get to see the status report when confirmed list, I suspect they may be infected then, after a long, long time is chaotic and forgot it, the university has a girlfriend, not injective behavior, some edge behavior, measured in 3 months, will gradually forget later One year, when the barber found themselves with a wound, doubt is the barber I scratched, and fear, and various small details in life I will fear the blood lead) hotel events, I am afraid of everything in the world is not matter, I am afraid of the toilet toilet, afraid of door handle. Not afraid to go to the hospital inspection needle, there is the Spring Festival home, I found a drop of blood on his hands, but now I seriously doubt my hand ring finger left a tear, then the window display and other sun exposure over the skin color is not the same, because after I checked my finger is not any blood, according to common sense, if not a drop of blood after cleaning is not difficult to trace all the suspected blood in the lower right ring finger, I use the ring finger above the left button I was afraid that I could not get infected with the liquid through the corner of my eyes. I didn't contact with other people. This drop of blood could not fly. Please don't delete the great gods! I'm going to collapse
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Thank you. The time should be day in the United States. Thank you very much. Time to play in China, good and patient friends...
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Although I told you is recognized, but I have a doubt, when I eat, my teeth ache quite, I don't know any bleeding, or can be understood as a toothache, if this situation, I eat with AIDS blood food (I am not sure what is the tomato sauce color is the color of the blood), there is no risk, my understanding of AIDS is lack, in our country, some doctors tend to believe that once the AIDS virus exists in the environment, if you have been infected wound coincides with the run of the analysis, therefore, I would like to ask you the reason, I this whether to measure, at the physiological level? I can go to life normally. There's no risk at all.
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This is my last post to you, I am not sure how else to convey no risk to you other than to say no risk.  No risk.  
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Hard to follow your post, but I think you are asking if your hotel room could give you aids/ hiv.  No.  You can not get HIV from surfaces.  HIV is transmitted in specific ways -  by unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse (penetrating) or sharing of IV drug needles.  It is inactivated by air and saliva.  Even in the very off chance you touched someone else's blood, you can not get HIV that way.
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I want to ask is whether a normal person can be infected from an inanimate object to AIDS, such as Steamed Buns, because I was in a restaurant, the food surface is irregular red dot suspected liquid things inadvertently found, how much time do not know, because I have a point I was afraid at that time, such behavior will not be infected with AIDS? Return to the first question, I am Chinese, my English is not good, sorry! I would like to ask if any secretory fluid from AIDS patients, regardless of any behavior, can be infected from the outside world. Of course, first of all exclude the three major infectious acts
So, the answer to that was covered already.  I stated the way people get HIV.  I stated also that HIV is inactivated by air and saliva.  Therefore, NO.  You can not get HIV in the way you describe here.  

Please stay focused on the fact that this is a sexually transmitted disease or it has to take place INSIDE the body.  Unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing of drug needles.  If you do not do those things, you will not get HIV.  
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