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Is there something called "Hiv negative Aids?"

Hello all
About 3 months ago I had a very risky(condom fully broken) exposure with a third class SW in South Asia.After about 15 days later,all symptoms started appearing like nausea,sore throat,loss of appetite,acid reflux,esophagus,GI problem,penile yeast infection,mild fever(sometimes high fever only in night),night sweats,red eyes,blurred vision, depression etc. I took 4th gen ag/ab test at 4,7,9 and 11 weeks+1 day, all negative. At 11 week+1 day, i took viral load test for type 1 which came back <40, not detected but suprisingly my CD4 and CD8 count were 102 and 90 respectively.And yesterday i took CMV test,IGg part was very high with value of 18. Today i have red eyes, throat infection, esophagus,joint pain,fatigue,burning sensation,blurred vision etc.I take western blot test with CD4/CD8 count again today,result pending. I have lost my body mass but the weight is still around same. I am thinking that my life is now over. Just waiting that day i ll be diagnosed with like cancer,kidney failure,brain failure and something more severe than these.i might have been infected by hiv 2 but our doctor/hiv specialist says that it is yet to be found in our country but many cases are prevalent in our neighboring country. I recently joined Govt. Job and is in close training for about 3 months. I am really stressed and can´t focus properly in the anything. I look so depressed as my colleagues say. I sometimes wish that it would be very good for me to be diagnosed with severe disease that take my life away as soon as possible. I dont really care for myself but i have a daughter of 6 years old with me. I and my wife took divorce about 2 years ago.
What should i do now? Please help me!! Your help would be priceless.
And sorry for my english and long story.
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I sometimes think that the test had missed viral load because the blood was sent to different lab by plane after 6 days since i provided to them.
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You have a lot of fear about diseases that you list so talk to your doctor about it and ask him if you should get therapy, because this is an HIV forum and you don't have HIV. Likely your doctors already told you the viral count is not important and the only thing that matters is you are negative which should make you happy.

This summarizes your problem. "Just waiting that day i ll be diagnosed with like cancer,kidney failure,brain failure and something more severe than these."
It is abnormal to test repeatedly for the same disease that you are negative for.
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Thank you anxiousnomore, is it possible that as my immune system is so compromised that it couldnt produce detectable antibodies? And can you please tell me why my cmv igg is so high? i am doubting my hiv tests.please
This is what anxiety does to us.  I would talk to your doctor about anxiety.   You've had conclusive negative tests.  No one can tell you anything different than you are negative.  If you can't trust that, then look to anxiety as the reason and speak to your doctor.  
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