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Is this HIV acute infection symptoms?

On Sept 30th I received oral sex without a condom and vaginal sex with a condom, from a prostitute. It was very quick, overall within 2 minutes. Exactly 2 weeks later I got sick with symptoms very similar to HIV acute infection: low-grade fever, sore throat, throat ulcer, and night sweat. And still have a sore throat as of today, Could I have caught HIV this way? I am very scared right now...
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It sounds like you caught a common viral infection.  It's the time of the year for flus and colds so, not surprising.

The only way that HIV is transmitted sexually is by having unprotected anal or vaginal sex.  You didn't have unprotected anal or vaginal sex . Your condom didn't break. You had no risk.
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Thank you Chima7! Should I get tested for HIV just to be sure? It's the 3rd week now which is within the window period? Can I get tested now or should I wait for another week?
There is no reason to test for a disease that you CANNOT have.
Hi, my lymph nodes are swollen now but fever is gone. I'm really scared because swollen lymph nodes is a symptom of the hiv acute infection. Is it common that lymph nodes swell after a fever?
First, your own diagnosis of swollen lymph gland means nothing, you are not a doctor. Just because you read somewhere on the internet about it, you are fixated on it, stop pressing and prodding those, it's going to get really sore.

Second, you were never at risk as suggested to you before, your symptoms are unspecific to HIV. Please see a therapist for your anxiety. You don't have an HIV concern.
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