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Is this HIV i'm so scared?

Last week of october, I had lowgrade fever for almost 3 months which subsides on its own without treatment. Then 2 bouts of urticaria followed by dry mouth and eyes and burning sensation in both feet including calf and hands including arms which is symmetrical and still is present until now and i feel that it is getting worst.

High risk exposure 1st week of August, low risk with condom 1st week of october.

Can fever in acute infection lasts for 3 months? Can the fever be low grade or high? can burning painful neuropathy which affects both feet and arms appear as early as 6 months after infection?

Do you know anyone with ARS with fever lasting this long and symptoms come one after the other?

Thank you!
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your symptoms are not HIV specific nor related.
ARS Symptoms come all at once and when/if  they come normally last within 2 weeks

to your last risk - sex with condom is NO RISK
to your first risk - only way to diagnose HIV is through testing.

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-I was tested twice , once in decmber and the next was in january and both came out non reactive. It was in a hospital but i found out that the test they used is from China . It's a rapid test and not FDA approve, Beijing Biod biotech. Can i rely on the results of the tests? Does non Fda apprroved test are more prone to be yielding False positive than false-negative?
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i would encourage you to trust your test results.  your risk of contracting HIV from a single sexual encounter is very very low.
You had a one shot risk and subsequent tests that prove you don't have HIV.   please note that HIV is not a mistery.  In fact, its a very simple virus to detect.  Millions of millions of tests are carried out every week in the world, and i highly doubt that there is quality issue with yours.  don't let anxiety and fear get the best of you.  move on with your life!... time doesn't stop.
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Thank you viper for the response.

I have asked a number of people are they have not seen a case such as mine. I still am wondering why this burning, tinmgling sensation is not leaving me and it is constantly present though not of the same intensity within the day. The dry mouth too is constantly present 24 hours a day? Could you say these are all just anxiety though they really are real and are present?
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you not alone...
i have had neuropaty problem too. burning sensation at both of my leg and arm sometime at all my body even lip, mouth, face too, stingling, vibarate muscle, pin & needle. burning & numberess sensation at my palm and sole of feet.
i have had 10 weeks testing result and it is negative... many treatment my doctor doing for me but not one can cure or reduce my problem untill now.
this problem start since 1-2 week post exposure.

all expert here told me i'm have had negative conclusive result, but i'm only 10 week result not 3 month and then all symptom has go away but neuropaty problem still persist until now. now i'm at 5 month post exposure.
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same here. mine is getting worse i think and what makes it worst is that i am having dry mouth which has always been present 24 hours. my feet is in pain always. sometimes burning, sometimes stinging, sometimes blunt pain. It also affects my back. I could not sleep well because of the pain as wel as the dry mouth.

I am afraid to get tested again. Do you have plans of testing again?
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