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Is this HIV rash?

I'm sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum, but it's the only place where I could actually post a question still.

Two weeks ago, I had anal sex with a man. At first we were using a condom, then I'm not sure why, but I removed it after some time. So I had some couple of minutes having unprotected anal sex with this man. I was really worried since, and started on the lookout for any symptom that may occur.

Then I just noticed two days ago, that I started to develop some sort of a rash on my chest. They are like really tiny red bumps, which I can also find some on my shoulders. But they are really tiny that you cant actually see it without looking really close. They do not itch. But I've been experiencing this "needle pricking" sensation when I'm out in the sun.

I do not have any fever, nor sore throat, or any other symptoms. I was wondering if this is what an HIV rash look like.


Please disregard the big red bump on the left side of the picture, as that is an ingrown hair I've had for ages already.

I'm really hoping you could help me, since I've been in such an anxiety funk lately.

Thank you.
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There are no medical professionals on this forum and most of us don't look at pictures of rash etc.  But ARS never has rash as the only symptom -- you would also have fever, sore throat, etc.  See a doctor or clinic if it persists.
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You put yourself at risk by having unprotected anal sex. The only way for you to know your status is by testing.
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