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Is this a risk for HIV? Did I get HIV?

Hey guys,

I just have a question. I need advice too. Okay, so the other day at my college I went to the bathroom. I don't mean to get graphic or anything but I was on my period. I just used the toilet and I saw that some of my blood got on the seat. So I grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned it up. I threw away the paper I cleaned my blood with and put it in the female dispenser. I realized later on that on my middle finger I had a cut ( just below my finger nail)  A small 4 day old cut. Am I being paranoid but what if the person who used the stall before me had HIV? What if when I threw away my toilet paper my cut finger wiped against the dispenser? (And the person who used before me had hiv and their fluids got on the dispenser) Did I get HIV? I remember that my stall was clean. The toilet water was clean and in the female  dispenser there was only one thrown away toilet paper. And the thing is I don't know how long ago the person who used the stall before me was in there? Any advice? I've been really worried lately. I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me! I keep thinking that my cut finger touched the inside of the female dispenser and that there were fluids on it. But I don't remember that. My cut was not bleeding, it was 4 days old, and when I got the cut it bled a little and my skin peeled off a little. Any risks for HIV?
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Hi, no risk for contacting HIV from this.
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Just to be sure: my cut couldn't have gotten hiv even if it had wiped against the dispenser? (It was 4 days old and not bleeding)
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No Risk in the slightest Lizzest94! :)

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Thanks for your answers. Feel better.
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Pleasure. :)
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