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Is this hiv rash?

Hi guys. If i have hiv rash, how would it come about? Does it show up at once or it develops one pimple after the other, like one today, 2 tommorow and so on. Its 5 and half weeks after my exposure
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You had no risk so you are not having an ARS rash. Stop googling for stuff that has nothing to do with you and look at pictures of puppies instead.
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Why would you say that i had no risk. I did have a high risk.maybe you have confused posts somehow. I had unptotected vaginal intercourse with a sex worker 5 minutes tops
5 and half weeks can go for hiv test if you think you have high risk exposure and relax, you should be fine.
I developed shoulder and neck ache from day 7 to arnd 15. Thrush from day 12 (after an antibiotic injection and taking two sets of andibiotics for 5 days) until today day 36. Now  a small pimples appearing one or two more each day and a slight headache. I'm afraid of what i wilo be told when i get tested.i had just finnished University and this happens
The symptoms that you described are not Ars. It could due to drug allergy from the antibiotics injection or anxiety. You need to stay calm and go for a test. That's all you can do and listen to CurfewX advice. Thank you.
All of your previous posts were deleted, which means they were anxiety driven repeated questions on a non risk exposure. Also, you didn't specify your risk in your post, which is also typical of someone who has had no risk.

Therefore, Please post your risk in the future if you want to receive accurate advice, otherwise we can only jump to conclusions.
I'm sure you have me confused with someone else @Chima7, bt thanks
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A few pimples is NOT an HIV-related rash.  Also, you would not be getting ARS symptoms 5.5 weeks post-event.  Get tested now for your conclusive result and put this behind you.
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Ok...i know for circumcised men its 1 in 1000 exposures, but what of uncircumcised men. No one seems to say, they just say risk is increased greatly :(
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Your symptoms are not in specific to HIV ARS. ARS symptoms doesn't happen in the manner you have described. They all come at once and leave at once, very high fever is almost always an important characteristics. (Self diagnosed, 101/102 degree celsius is not high fever)

You are most likely going through extreme anxiety and observing your body very closely,  these things are anxiety related issues.

If you suspect that you were exposed to the virus,  you can test at 4 weeks with a IV Gen HIV test or alternatively, at 6 week with any standard antibody test.  No one can diagnose you online.  Symptoms do not mean any thing.
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