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I have been using this site for years, and my concern has always been about my  promiscuous behavior with oral sex (giver) & frottage.  The beginning of October I started having symptoms, migraine headaches sore throat one or two very light night sweats. I didn't think much about it because I didn't feel like I did anything risky sexually. However I lost ten lbs in a short time frame (a month). A week after the sore throat and headaches I started get these flat raised red bumpy rash all over my  torso and back. I told my Dr and he said I needed to test for HIV ( which I'm still waiting for results). I started thinking what I could have done that put myself at risk. I have not had  unprotected sex, and dating back 6 weeks till 2 weeks prior to symptoms  appearing I had just been doing oral sex with no cum. I did have frontage with two men and oral but no penetration, and in  one instance I did do oral on someone that had precum that had a very toxic unfamiliar taste to it, which concerned me. I always try to be as safe as possible, except for oral sex. I will say a week prior to having these symptoms, I had a traumatic stressful event happen that still has me on high stress mode & Now with this new HIV scare I'm even more worked up.  My question is, do you think I contracted HIV from these  activities and are these  symptoms relatable?
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Frottage and oral sex are not a risk for hiv. If you say giving to a man or a woaman? In oral sex you may be at risk for bacterial std's but not hiv. Attached is a risk chart.
If you are sexually active periodic testing for std's lnot just hiv should be done every 6 months. Just for your own health's sake. Since its on your mind now. Why not have one now. To give you peace of mind.
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I'm gay, I did get tested, I'm just waiting for results.  I'm freaked out because it feels like I've been experiencing ARS symptoms.
As long as no unprotected penetrative sex occurs your risk is zero.
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You had no reason to test in the first place.
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I got my results today from my doctor, he said that the test for HIV came back negative but that I did have syphilis.  Tomorrow I will take a penicillin shot.
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