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Is this looks like or common cold ARs?

I had sex with a girl unknown status, one night 4 times, but every time used a new condom, and at every trip checked it was not broken. after exposure, at 7 day i went to an exhibition where thousands of people visit every day.at 11th and 12th  day start dry cough was not sure there is fever or not, doctor give me amoxicillin, next day (13) at noon i feel cold, i checked my temperature it was 38.2 from oral, I bought parastomal and took at noon the fever goes down at 37.4, but at evening again fever 38.2,i took again at night it goes drop at 37.3, then morning at day 14th there was again fever 38.0 and there was 2 ulcer in my throat painful with white color, i took amoxicillin, and parastomal at 14th day fever goes down, at 37.5 at noon and evening i took medicine again, and at 15th day fever goes away, and at 16th day ulcer goes away, i used one chinese medicine for ulceraway, There are no rashes, was little pain in body, and head, (maybe cause of cold because i stayed whole day outside, or maybe viral infection) ...
have fever 3 days, 2nd day ulcer in throat, what do you think is this casue of ARSsysmptom ? or could be common cold virus? I know it not possible to get idea about HIV from symptoms, but just want know your expert opinion, does it look like ARS or common cold?  
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No idea what you mean when you say you bought parastomal, but it is irrelevant since you don't have hiv.
You can't get hiv when you use a condom, which is a scientific fact.
"I know it not possible to get idea about HIV from symptoms,  ...."  so your post describing your symptoms is wasting your time.
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i just want to know your expert opinon, does my symptoms looks like ARS or not? 3 days fever, and ulcer in throat, or it could be common cold?  i used codom, it was not broken as i checked everytime, but i am not sure the quality of condom,because it bought online, and was cheap one.
bought parastomal for fever, and used 2 days and fever go away.
Please slow down and re-read the response you were given.  You had NO RISK for HIV.  Therefore, your symptoms cannot possibly be ARS.  Whatever illness you have has nothing to do with HIV since you were never exposed to HIV.
If paracetamol made your fever subside it most definitely is not HIV ARS, HIV ARS is a viral fever that needs intensive care and not tabs of paracetamol. Nonetheless, you have nothing to worry as stated by other members - You didn't posses any risk from your incident. Condom protect against HIV.
Quality of condom doesn't matter?
NO.  As long as the condom did not visibly rip - and you would have known - you did not have a risk for HIV, regardless of the quality.
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