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Is this website legitimate?

I found this website.
They go with Lab Corp.

You think it is legitimate?
It seems that they would run the Western Blot as well.
My question is...do they do an antibody test in conjunction with this test?

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If the incident (assault) ocurred last May '06, your testing at this point would INDEED be conclusive.

I was researching testing measures for people who seek to be tested BEFORE the 6 week period.  For you, PCR by DNA at this point would be fruitless, since your incident ocurred last year in May. All you need at this point is a basic ELISA antibody test.

Best of Luck.
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Brian, I have been testing by LabCorp by Eia for the last six months and to my understanding they do the antibody eia and then if it comes back positive they do the western blot to confirm.  THey have seemed legitimate to me thus far, I hope so at least. In what sense were you meaning were they legit? Hope this helps.
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I do know that Lab Corp. is a legitimate Co.

I assume that they do a Western Blot after doing the PCR if it comes back positive.  Am I incorrect in saying so?  They also run the EIA with the PCR.
Pricey, ...but wondering if the PCR tests have been creating less positives than in the past.   Cannot find any recent literature regarding the PCR DNA testing for HIV.

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I am pretty sure they would do a wb after a pcr coming back positive. The local one I go to does eia and then wb.  I didn't even know they did pcr.  I haven't heard as much lately about pcr's producing the false positives as I have heard in the past.  In your opinion which do you consider more conclusive nat or pcr? thanks
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I was just reading on the www.thebody.com about today's e-mails sent to Dr. Bob.

Read the one entitled about PCR +.  EIA and WB -

So, I guess there still is a chance of the PCR's coming back positive.
Tell me what you think.
As far as NATT testing vs. PCR....honestly, ...do not know.
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ok I read the article and the person basically said the eia and wb was negative but the pcr was 324 which still wasnt clear on whether it was positive or not.  I thought the pcr had to be 400 or above to be considered positive but then again I have read that the test is so highly sensitive that it is capable of producing false positives.  Also the person said at 10-11 wks they were negative eia so surely one would think that status wouldn't change by the 13 wk mark that dr.bob recommends, right? Were you personally considering getting the pcr? If so what was the risk?
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The test is not/would not be for me....just conversation.
Why does DR. Bob not consider this peson negative @ 11 weeks?
Is he more conservative?
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If a test result is positive, then confirmatory testing with Western Blot analysis is performed to ensure accuracy.
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Just so you know...

I have heard of those rapid (RNA and PCR) tests having more than their share of false positives. False negatives are very very rare actually, especially among standard antibody tests. In any case, those tests (RNA) are not so accurate and the risk of false positives from those in many cases is inordinately high. But it's all a moot point. Standard HIV antibody test as early as 4 weeks is all that is needed..but most can test for it between 6-8 weeks depending on the risk of their encounter with coming into contact with the virus.

Search this website for 'time to test positive HIV' and 'RNA test HIV'.

Regarding NAT or the test Nucleaic Acid Test it is used by the Blood banks in case anyone is wondering; jury is still out on efficacy of NAT testing for HIV. It's a test to largely test for HIV and Hep. in larger samples of blood at blood banks.

but at any rate, a simple HIV antibody test at 6 weeks is all that is needed.. most people who have HIV test positive for HIV antibodies as early as 4 weeks (90-95% accuracy), by 6 weeks (95-99% accuracy), and by 12 weeks (99.9%).

Good luck.

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LabCorp is a huge publicly traded company on the NYSE. Have been for at least the last 5 plus years. If that gives anyone more solace then that's great. I don't believe they'll be affiliated with any clinic/company that has highly inefficient, ineffective, and unsanitary testing and medical practices.

Good luck and stay safe!

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Unless I am mistaken, neither LabCorp nor Quest Diagnostics (the two largest laboratory companies in the US) directly sell lab tests to the public. It sounds to me like you went through one of the web-based testing service companies who arrange the test for you and have it performed by either LabCorp or Quest. Don't confuse who performed your test with who sold you the test is what I am saying. The tests will be professionally performed by either LabCorp or Quest, but those companies don't generally solicit testing on the web.
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