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Just need confirmation, I trust my results. Soon to be former worried well.

MSM story, first and only risky sexual experience. 20yo African American male. No previous health problems.

I performed unprotected penile oral sex (fellatio) on (met from craigslist ad) 50yo white male stranger 9 weeks ago with ejaculation (spit some/swallow some) with intact mouth no ulcers/sores present, though I am a smoker and may have gingivitis (not sure, i don't floss). Then used mouthwash about 10 minutes after, spitting every chance on my way to the store before getting it.

Stranger had originally said they were drug & disease free and when asked twice after reassured me both times. No discharge/sores or anything suspicious just a very foul urine-type smell.

Now I won't even start the list.
Of course I had many "symptoms"
But don't we all?
Isn't THAT why we're all here?

Short story I never had a true fever, nor extremely sore throat, or have vomited, or had lymph nodes, or even a flu pretty much. But I was sure everything else happening with my body was 100% HIV infection.

Anxiety caused me to start PEP (truvada/isentress) 39-40 hours after exposure, which I stayed on for 28 days. Sure. Drinking, smoking what not.
Though primarily i was very clean and eating very well for the first two weeks of PEP.

I had herpes blood tests and mouth swabs for oral chlamydia/gonorrhea as well as urine tests for chlamydia & gonorrhea 10 days post exposure/little over a week on PEP:
All negative.

At Kaiser I took (I assume) ELISA 3rd gen antibody blood test at baseline (before PEP), & 4 weeks post exposure while on PEP with a day left:
both negative.

At the 4 week visit (1 DAY LEFT OF PEP) I was also blood tested for syphilis and hepatitis along with herpes, & urine tests for chlamydia & gonorrhea:

At 5 weeks (one week post PEP) I took more mouth swabs this time for oral chlamydia, gonorrhea and strept:
All negative

I bought an Oraquick saliva test from walgreens at 6 weeks post exposure/2 weeks post PEP:

About a week (7 weeks post exposure/3 weeks post PEP) or so later bought the same Oraquick test:

About 8 weeks post exposure/4 weeks post PEP I took blood tests for

Herpes 1&2
Hep A B & C:

Urine tests for

& HIV 1&2 DUO 4th GEN Ab/Ag blood test:

Not detected

How in the clear am I?

I will test again for Kaiser's follow up at 3 months post exposure/2 months post PEP. I believe they use a 3rd gen 1&2 antibody test.

I will use the saliva Oraquick test at 4 months post exposure/3 months post PEP.

And will conclude testing with 3rd gen ab at Kaiser's follow up at 6 weeks post exposure/5 weeks post PEP.

After my 8 week test results its pretty simple. I no longer test to prove infection, but to disprove infection - though I'm only human, and have my doubts.

But I trust my results.

Should I?

Instead of convincing myself I still have HIV, can I safely convince myself otherwise?

I'm ready to move on.
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Sorry typo, my last test will be 6 MONTHS post exposure (not weeks)
5 months post PEP

not weeks.

Submitted question after conclusion of 8 week tests.
Oral sex is no risk for HIV. You didn't need PEP nor testing in the first place. Your saliva had enzymes and bacteria that inhibits the virus furthermore, you mouth has a lot of air. Hiv looses its ability to infect once exposed to air. Enough testing please. You were in the clear all the while.
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Thank you
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