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HI i am in a relationship with a HIV positive lady and all the info on the web contradicts a bit. If u have a small cut o open wound in your mouth and my parthner has blood in her mouth can you get HIV from this or are the chances zero? I am asking this as  2 weeks ago me and my parthner kissed and a week later i developed severe fever headaches and sore throat. Any comprehensive answer will really be appreciated?
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why would you be kissing someone with blood in their mouth?  hiv positive or not?  that's just gross ! ! !
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Maybe ur misunderstanding. what i was asking is if i had a small cut in my mouth or ulcer and i kissed my gf and she had a a cut that was bleeding in her mouth could hiv be transmitted that way via kissing?
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NO...i did not misunderstand your question....just simply asked YOU a question.

my husband is not hiv positive...but i would not be kidding him if his mouth was bleeding

"Kissing is no risk, even deep ("French") kissing and even with a person who sores on their mouth or has gum or dental disease."   DR HOOK

"Of course no risk. HIV is not transmitted by kissing, even with sores in the mouth.

Despite the billions of kissing events in the AIDS era, not one case of HIV has been known to be transmitted that way, even though millions of those kisses undoubtedly were with cuts in the mouth or on the lips."  
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Thank you i didnt see any blood or taste blood either. I just wanted to know if in theory if she had a small cut in her mouth that was bleeding would that require testing and could you HIV from that.

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