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I apologize if my questions is silly. I went on a date with girl(I don't know her status). We had a kiss(just the lips, not tongue) at one point. I'm worried since later she showed me that she had cut her leg before coming to our date and it was bleeding I saw it and it was an open cut, she had not healed it. I'm worried that she could have sucked the blood of her leg before meeting me. I know it sounds nasty but some people do those sorts of things.

Had she sucked the blood and had it on her lips and then later kissed me(she didn't do it while we were on the date)
1-What are my odds of her giving me something?
2- Would it be a good idea to take PEP?

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1. Odds of her giving you HIV is  zero, zilch, nada!

2. No. You are not at risk. Therefore, you don't need PEP.

If you're always worried about irrational fear of HIV or other diseases, it won't be a bad idea to see a therapist.
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Thanks, yes, I do suffer from OCD. I took CBT back in the day and I was planning on returning.
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I have to agree that it is irrational anxious thinking if you fear that she sucked blood from a cut on her leg before kissing you . . .   that's quite a stretch of the imagination. But EVEN if she did, it would not be a risk.  HIV is inactivated by air and there are enzymes in saliva that break down the virus as well.  So, this would never be a risk. The only ways that adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drugs.
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