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I been French kissing a girl for awhile. She have some bad teeth and a sore throat for about 3 weeks. She told me that she was HIV positive that is all we done was French kissing. I had a sore throat for a couple of weeks and feel like a swollen lymph node on one side of the neck. I had e rash on the front side of the neck just one spots. It went away after day. I did a 30 day antibody test and it came neg. Should I be worry and what is the accurate of the test? I heard it would be 90 percent on the doctor forum. Please help
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It makes no difference if she was Hiv+ because Kissing is a zero risk activity for Hiv infection under any circumstance.Also,the fact that your test was negative is more evidence that you were never at risk of Hiv infection.There is no need for further testing.All the best.
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How accurate is 30 day test? What about the symptoms
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Symptoms are not a good indicator for Hiv infection,only testing is.A 30 day negative test result is around 95%.However,this should not concern you as you never placed yourself at risk.No cases of Hiv being transmiited in 30 years the virus has been around via kissing.It has never happened.
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just a question ere, i had a kiss with a possible hiv positive partner, and i had a cavity in a tooth, and blood too.....U say, no HIV risk in "any circumstance". What about if both partner had some blood or lesions in the mouth? thanks in advance
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This was already addressed in your other thread, no need to post about it on an old thread too.
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You are right.
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Did you subsequently test after 3 months? please tell me what happened afterwards?Thanks,
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