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Knife and HIV

Ok, so i've been struggling with anxiety and am seeking professional help for it.  I was wondering if one of the very knowledgeable people here, such as Teak, could provide a response to my question, as I have already asked the two question limit on the expert forum.

On Sunday night I was at a brazilian type buffet where they bring you different types of meat to your table.  They provide you with very sharp steak knives.  I had my knife positioned right next to my glass.  I am worried that when the waiter reached to take my glass for a refill he cut his hand.   Not thinking of it at the moment i continued to use the knife to eat.  I noticed on his hand that he did in fact have a cut (whether it was from my knife or an earlier time I cannot be certain)

My question is if it is possible to get HIV this way.  If so should I get the PEP?  Please, coudl someone who knows about this provide an answer, I am very scared.

Also, I get cuts in my mouth, and may have had one that night
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hiv is not transmitted from environmental surfaces or inanimate objects.
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Relax mate. I am from Brazil also and i am from the land of "churrasco" the buffet of meat you speak of. The steak knives you speack we call "espeto" its not sharp. In fact you need to force the meat to pass through it. The knife properly oh yes, its very sharp to provide a nice clean piece of meat for you. So i can garantee to you that even if the waiter was gushing blood into your dish you could not get hiv, since the virus become inactive outside human body.
I was here because i was in fear of hiv from oral sex, but the experts and teak and others say no risk. Trust them.
Best regards from Brazil.
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No HIV risk at all. So dont worrie. Talk to your Dr. about your fears and anxaity.
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