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Known HIv exposure

Approximately eight months ago I had an unprotected sexual exposure to someone confirmed hiv positive. I utilized multiple oralquick and two homeaccess test up until eight months. Three weeks after the exposure occurred I developed: high fevers, swelling in my neck, muscle pains, rapid weight loss, diarrhea, and reaccurring oral thrush. Since I received a negative result after the window period, I was told to ignore the symptoms, because their probably caused by something else.The moment I received that advice, I was tested for all other health conditions and sti's to rule out the possibility of another cause. All of my lab reports came back normal, that's when I started viewing my negative results with skepticism. I believed that my test results wasn't quite compatible with my clinical history. Not only was the person hiv positive, but was diagnosis with Aids. However all of the symptoms listed above was similar to those of ARS, identical those posted by the cdc. What also raises concern for me are (window periods) since there has never been a study on precise data on seroconversion, however only estimated variables. Since lack of such research how can we apply window periods to every individual?Every individual is uniquely different and responds to infections at different rates. Nothing in medicine is. 100% and there is still a chance of error. That's where you may see giving advice by the cdc 97% at three months , 3% rare cases by six months. Only confirming my beliefs  that everyone responds to infections differently and three months doesn't account for everyone . If hiv is something that's highly understood why isn't there a cure ?I know most folks may feel that I'm being irrational because I tested negative after the window period. I think it's very rational and indeed warranted to have fears on an infection that can be life threathning. In conclusion, based on the information that I've provided , can I feel confident that I wasn't infected in April . I hope someone can clarify these issues . Thanks. !
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You are HIV-
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Thanks for the reassurance Vance !  Jockojohnson , from my understanding and according to some of the moderators here a DNA pcr isn't use for diagnostic purposes , because of it's high false positive rates. According to some of the doctors that test is outmoded . If you would have read the information carefully it's completely detailed and specific which included my methods in testing (including STI's) . Please be considerate in the advice you give individuals here , due to common courtesy . As for someone contractions hiv from cleaning sounds ridiculous. Once hiv is outside of the human host it becomes inactive rendering it from infection . Please be respectful and sensitive in your statements , because many scared individuals come here for reassurance and giving advice of such can  only stimulate their anxieties. Now if your going to suggest testing methods the correct test to chose , would be the forth Generation. In medicine it's currently the gold standard test . However , in my situation the fourth generation isn't available, so the cheap antibody test would only suffice . Good day!
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Lol, What happen to Jockojohnson comment? It's funny how some individuals get on here and give inadequate information regarding such an sensitive subject. I believe hiv is fragile and requires certain circumstances to lead to infection. Yesterday one of the moderators commented on my post, being very insensitive. It's only fare of me to that I repost today, because several of scared souls or viewing daily post. To the worried souls ignore those who try to make you feel not confident in your results . If you may feel you had an risk get tested. Find someone you can talk to and drink plenty of water. It helps! I found someone in New Orleans who explain testing to me and the sensitivity of the test . He explained: At day one when you find out about your exposure your probably feeling like there's  no hope and infection will be the result. So you put yourself in a cycle of having to get tested. Now let's start the testing cycle. First establish a baseline , which can be done at the presentation of exposure. Have another rapid test at six weeks , by that time 90% of those whose going to seroconvert will. Your probably feeling a little anxious about this, but please don't worry because it's a pretty good indicator of what your status will be. Some individuals may feel waiting three months is just a little to long, because anxiety is still rising, so they may go for a test at ten weeks. If you tested negative at ten weeks here is when you can stop worrying because it's highly unlikely to change. However , international guidelines or to Waite three months to obtain a conclusive result. For those two weeks relax , take deep breaths, find someone you can trust to share your story, and focus on other important things. At the end of those three months regardless of what the test results may be they're yours , embrace them! It's easy to get mad while you still have life to live . Live it ! I waisted  eight months of my life putting myself trough a vicious cycle of having to get tested. Don't let hiv or anything else consume you ! If you tested negative at three months, trust the results of the test! The gentleman I spoke with was an Hiv counselor from New Orleans, La which one of his church members contracted hiv. So he started this Christian based non profit organization to help support people living with Hiv and aids. After speaking with him I realized not just the importantance of health, but overall life. Having hiv is no longer a death sentence. Many people around the world are facing these issues everyday and still live a normal life. Having hiv is a treatable condition and respectfully can be put in check with current medications. As for my original post was not intended to scare anyone, however I was just looking for answers. Live life and make the most of it!
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