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I would like to know the life span of an hiv positive person.
Lets take my case.I will turn 29 in less than 2 weeks..
In my country followup.treatments and medicines are all 3..
If i turn out to be positive and I start my treatment early..and follow as much as possible the treatment...what is my average life span...i mean how long we can live with HIV..
I have a 15 months old boy and i would like to live long enought to see him grow up and enjoy life with him...
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First of all, keep your hopes high,,,,,, You are going to be reported "Negative",,,,, We all wish. Although I am not aware of nature of your exposure, even then, everyone exposed to even highest risk behaviour, doesn't necessarily catches the virus.

By the way, which country you belong to? Well, before 1996, HIV meant a "Death Sentence" but after introduction of Highly Active Anti Retroviral Therapy (HAART), living with HIV is considered to be a life time medical condition.

Although the battery of drugs does not cure the disease, but keep patient's immune system away from total destruction. These medicines are still far from perfection and carry numerous side effects..

Having said that, results are wonderful and people are alive even after 15 years of reporting positive. In India, one report says that HIV patients on HAART are living without acute medical complications happily for a period as long as 15 years. Actual life span can not be accurately determined yet, as the treatment is introduced  since slightly over 10 years.

What I pray, these people who are on HAART, should see a perfect treatment available commercially in their life time.
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Thanks for the good words..I am from Mauritius..an insland in the indian ocean...i had a negative 3 week test..but since then i have developing symptoms..especially swollen neck,armpit..body pain(over now),Mild sore throat (feeling it coming again today),my doctor said i would be fine but i dunno..and the worst dunno if i passed the virus to my wife (this will be a tragedy)...ii have got such a simple indian wife i met when i was at university in delhi..its gonna be 5 years since we married..in 12 days i am having my 6 week test...i am a bit down..going for psy treatment tomorrow under advice of my wife (who doesnt know why i am so depressed) who knows i am not well..the saddest part ..in her mind she feels tomorrow after meeting the psy i will be ok..she doesnt know its worst than that....i feel like telling her..i do give her some hints at time..but i believe even in her worst nightmare she would see me getting hiv.....i am lost guy..while typing this mail part of palm of my right hand has swollen..i can c it..i feel like crying...what the hell i put myslef into....
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Your question was answered in the 2nd post! C'mon man....
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OK I shall take that answer..cool man..i guess its time for me to sleep now..tomorrow i have a hard day ahead..
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