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LIZZIE LOU, I need your help!

Thank LIZZIE LOU  and all of you, I need your help!
10 weeks ago, I did twice unprotected vagal sex with my girlfriend. Since that, I have been flu-like symptom, special with 99.3 degree temperature and dry mouth, discomfortable in my thoat and some suddent and sharp pain in my leg. I did test at four weeks after exposure, all tests showed negative, including RNA loading, CD4/CD8 ratio and counts and HIV antibody. My doctor told me I was very low infected with HIV. He asked me take test on 6 th month. At 10 th weeks, I asked my girlfriend and myself did HIV antibody test using Home Access HIV test kit(this kit was approved by FDA), All showed negative. But I still has 99.3 degree temperature and dry mouth, sometime has nigh sweats. I will do 3th month test. I am worried do much and depressed deeply.Do I get HIV?
Thank your help very much!
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My doctor told me I was very low infected with HIV.  What does this means?
What was ur final result. RNA tests are not approved my FDA to determine HIV. ELISA/Rapid used to screening and Western Bolt for final comfirmation.
Check with ELISA test most recommended test.
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Does Home access kit use Elisa? I will ask doctor to do West blot.
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Western Blot test are done to confirm positive tests.
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