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Hello Is there anyone who could help me? I was really stress and depress now. January 1 this year was my last inter course, then about a week, I started to have a vagina itching followed by a discharge with a foul smell, I remember I find it hard to pee, and I'm having a painful intercourse as well.. . I went to the doctor after 2days or three. She checked my vagina and she put something I don't know if it's the pas smear or what and a urine test. After 4days the hospital called me asking for another urine test cos they said they my urine last time was with a pus.. then after a couple of days the doctor called me to come over.  She told me that I have a trichomoniasis. but she saw an ulcer on my vagina or cervix (can't remember) she said. I took the med which the doctor has prescribed me. What scares me now is that after 4days, I have 3 swollen lymph nodes at the side of my neck. 2 are very round small, and one is like a pea size, they are itchy. And I have as well at the upper thigh one each. small round as well. I have cold, sneezing, and coughing some time, I cannot swallow properly. And while am taking shower, I noticed something like a pimple or a bump at the side of my vagina (inside) (opening) It's not painful but it bothers me. What does it mean? Is this an HIV? Please HELP ME :(

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Since lymph nodes drain out bad hormones and stuff I think your medication is working.  Massage all of your lymph nodes and drink lots of water.  And it's very important that you take a detox bath while you massage the lymph nodes.  A detox bath has Epsom salt and baking soda, this should help you feel better.
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HIV cant be judged by symptoms. It can even be caused due to some other STIs . Take a hiv duo test and as the encounter happened more than 28 days ago ,your result will be conclusive. I am not recommending it to scare u , but for your relief from anxiety.
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Hi. I can still feel the Lymph nodes, though the bigger one reduced its size, the other small round reduced its size as well the other small round remain on its same size. the lymph nodes behind my neck are getting smaller as well.. and on the left side of the neck. On my groin, I can't feel them now if I won't press hard or touch. What scares me is that I feel back pain (upper part) and back of my neck. and my head is somehow heavy. my cold is not that much now like the other days. I just cough when I feel my throat is itchy. I feel my muscles are paining sometimes, when I look or moved into other directions, I feel like being stiffed. Later, I will see my doctor again to ask this. I hope nothing serious. :( I'm really scared.
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Thanks. Yes I will go to see the doctor after 4 hours today. I'm really stress and depress this past few days. I remember, During those symptoms of trich, I had vaginal bleeding but it lasted only 3-4 days it's a little heavier than light but not considered heavy. Thought it was my period. I have checked pregnancy test for 3x and twas all negative so it is really my period right? cuz it came right after 21 days of my last period. And I took a BC pills last december during my period, I was worrying, Are all this has connected to it?
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Where can I find Epsom salt? Thanks! I really hope and pray this is nothing serious to worry about.. But it really scares me. I used to have Lymph nodes before and I thought twas only because you have cold or you were lacked of Vitamin C. now it scares me a lot.. Thanks for all your answers @Lmi101 and @Sherwinhanz
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U had ur hiv test ?

Ignore the muscle and nerve aches. It happens due to anxiety
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Hi. Not yet. I'm really scared what might this be. Maybe one of these days I will go for a fully checkup. Pray for me! :( Thanks..
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The first test I had was just a swab I think. Last monday only I've got my Pap smear testa and result will be tomorrow. Godwilling, no serious or problem.. (Crossfinger)
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