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Lab Class Mistake

I was in a lab class last night and we tested our blood sugar with a glucose monitor and test strips.  I cleaned the monitor with an alcohol soaked prep pad without gloves on my hands after it had been used by another student.  There was definitely some blood left in the machine and the prep pad had blood on the edges when I wiped the slot that you insert the test strip into with it.  Although I'm pretty sure I was careful not to handle the prep pad where there was blood on it I'm still concerned that it may have seeped through the pad and touched my fingers and I may not have noticed.  After lab was done, I washed my hands with soapy water and I do not have any cuts or scrapes that are visible on my hands.  I know I'm being paranoid, but I feel stupid because I should have worn gloves in the first place. Please let me know what you think my risk is of being infected as I tend to worry and when is the soonest you can get a reliable HIV test? 3 months?
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once again i'll post this.

hiv is transmitted through...
unprotected vaginal/anal intercourse
sharing iv drug works
mother to child

at no point were you at risk.
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