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Lambskin Hiv

Okay so to start out I do not need any judgment here just honesty and thoughtfulness due to me just recently finding out about lambskin condoms. I’m 26 years old and I’ve had six sexual partners, all females. Of those six, five of them I know personally due to growing up in a small town, and I know all of them are hiv/sti free and living their lives. Other than that when I was 18 I lost my virginity to a CSW I found on Craigslist. I found her advertisement and explained I wanted to lose my virginity, she charged me between $40-$60 from what I remember. We ended up having sex at night in a van in my driveway. Before the sex occurred she pulled out a condom, and when it was opened I remember it being slid on my penis almost instantly. No odd smell, no looseness, no drawstring or tying of a string. I only simply remember a small occurrence of us having sex, and then her pulling off the condom and giving me head until I finished. With that is there any way it could’ve been a Lambskin condom, or is there any reason I should be tested for hiv? I just need a straight forward answer, thanks.
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There's no way for anyone to guess what happened.  Generally, prostitutes don't use lambskin condoms because they are trying to protect themselves from YOU, not the other way around. They could lose their livelihood if they got HIV.

If it's weighing on your mind, you can simply get tested for HIV at any time.
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But based off what I told you, and what I experienced I do not think it was a Lambskin condom, nor do I think I need tested. Just wanted some advice from an expert also. What I’ve read about Lambskin I don’t think I’ve ever seen one let alone used one.
With that being known, on top the fact it stayed intact, would any expert, doctor, nurse recommend testing??? I just looked up Images and read it looks nothing or smells nothing like a latex or poly condom. If I could get any other expert advice I would really appreciate it. Just wanna move on with my life.
A latex/poly condom that remains visibly intact throughout intercourse offers complete protection from HIV.

Seriously, if you're not able to move on with your life and never give this event another thought, then just test. It's easy and even home tests are not particularly expensive.  But if a proper condom was used and it didn't break, then you weren't at risk anyway.
Thank you. I feel I am ready to move on with my life. As I said I recently learned about Lambskin condoms and just wanted to get advice from experts first, it was definitely a normal condom or I would’ve been well aware. It’s also been 8 years and I’m healthy. Thank you so much for your devotion to this as I know it’s not always easy. Have a good one!

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