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Lancet pricks

I went to buy the new diabetes test machine.
Salesman was explain how to use it I just watched he checked it on his finger....after 1 hour I come to my home and want to check my mother's suger level....I decided the Lancet needle can be used by medical salesman while explain. so I'm trying to change the needle.when I did this I just pricked by that needle in my finger and I noticed the small amount of blood dot under my skin...now (after 12 days)last 3 days i have a throat pain(some times body oral temp read 99.4) .can I get hiv by this type pricks.
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You had a previous thread in here where we addressed needle sticks.  You were advised then that only hollow-bore, intravenous needles (with a syringe) that are reused could put you at risk.  That advice has not changed.

Obviously, a lancet is not a hollow-bore needle with a syringe and, therefore, is zero risk for HIV.
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Thankz for your reply...I know that.but throat pain and fever confusing me
See a doctor for your non-HIV related health concerns.  Most people get sore throats and fevers from time-to-time from common viruses and bacterial infections, and it has NOTHING to do with HIV.
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